Schoolboy spotlight: Sam Lane talks to Bishops’ Australian-born flyhalf about his school career and his goals for the future.

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What’s been the highlight of your rugby career so far?
Beating Paarl Gym 5-0 at the WP Schools Day at Newlands this year.

What are your big strengths?
Things like my calmness on the field, my passing and kicking games. I think I’ve got a pretty well-rounded game.

Your dad, Tim, was an assistant coach for the Wallabies and Boks. Has he played a big role in your rugby development?
My dad has always been there to give me advice on little things after matches. I used to hate it and thought he was criticising me, but now I realise he’s trying to help me so I listen to him. He, like my mum, always gets me off the couch … even at his old age he helps me with my passing, kicking and running! But I think the biggest thing he’s shown me is that things in rugby – and life – don’t just happen because I want them to. They will only happen if I’m willing to make them happen.

Who else has influenced your career?
My coaches at school, Mr [Dave] Mallett, Kevin Foote and Gareth Hayden. They always guide me which helps develop my game. I think my mum has probably had the biggest influence on me though, she’s always the one that keeps me going when I’m lazy.

Who’s your favourite player?
Dan Carter, because of his ability to read and control the game. He seems to bring a certain calmness out in the guys around him.

And your favourite team?
Queensland Reds.

Your toughest opponent?
When I was at home in Sydney I remember playing a New Zealand school side – some of the Maori and islander boys really let you know they’re there and make you think twice about things.

What are your future ambitions?
I’d like to take everything as it comes, to continue playing rugby and see where it takes me. To be able to play at the highest level possible and just see how things go. Hopefully one day I’ll get to play in a Test match.

By Gareth Wright