Bok emblem in RWC doubt

The Springbok emblem may not appear on South Africa’s jersey at the 2011 World Cup in New Zealand.

0609_sar_ofc_r1-234x3001The Bok was recently shifted to the right-hand side of the jersey, in order to accommodate the King Protea, which is the official emblem of all South African national sporting sides.

However, all teams are required to have the official RWC badge on the right-hand side of their jersey at the global showpiece, which means the Bok emblem may have to be dropped completely, or perhaps shifted to one of the sleeves.

SA Rugby communications manager Andy Colquhoun told on Thursday that the organisation is currently negotiating with the IRB about the possibility of keeping the Bok on the front of the jersey for New Zealand 2011.

Interestingly, the Wallabies – who also have two emblems on their jersey – have always had to drop the Wallaby (that is normally on the right-hand side) for the RWC logo, with the Australian coat of arms staying on the left.