Drink sinks Symonds

Andrew Symonds’ international career could be over after yet another alcohol-related incident that has seen him expelled from Australia’s World T20 squad.

James Sutherland, the chief executive of Cricket Australia, said that Symonds had been removed from the 15-man squad for a series of misdemeanours.

Sutherland was called by a senior member of the Australia management team to tell him that Symonds had been drinking heavily at a sports bar in London on Wednesday morning to watch the State of Origin rugby league match between Queensland and New South Wales.

Symonds, who has admitted that he has a drink problem, was on a restricted code of conduct after a string of alcohol-related offences. A contract offer from Cricket Australia is now likely to be withdrawn.

‘In isolation, the breaches are not serious, but they are enough for it to be the final straw,’ Sutherland said. ‘I am disappointed in Andrew, but I am also disappointed for him after all the work he has done with Australian cricket’s support in the last year.’

Cameron White has replaced Symonds in the squad.