Rain pain for Province

It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s completely miserable. Welcome to winter in Cape Town.

Foul weather was predicted for today’s clash at Newlands and it seems to have settled in ahead of kickoff. The showers come and go but the pitch is significantly greasy. Expect this to influence the approach of both teams. Expect the Lions to play the conditions better.

The travelling fans have not allowed the weather to dampen their spirits. The Cape Town pubs were saturated with Lions’ fans on Friday night and a great number of ales and lagers would have been consumed with Saturday lunch. The rain is belting down, but one cluster of red have even been so bold as to attempt the Mexican Wave.

The wind is also prominent and already several journos have left their seats to chase binocular covers, match programmes and other lightweight material. If you were expecting a spectacle, you’re in for some serious disappointment.

33 000 tickets have been sold and the ground is starting to see more and more patrons file in despite the weather. But if you’re coughing up R280 for a ticket, you wouldn’t let a little rain and wind deter you, would you?

By Jon Cardinelli, at Newlands