De Villiers let off

Oregan Hoskins has had a ‘positive meeting’ with Peter de Villiers about his allegedly racist comments.

The management committee of Saru was concerned with De Villiers’s remarks about Ricky Januarie as they contained racial undertones. He was to meet with Hoskins this week due to his latest racist utterance, but the talk took place after Saturday’s 28-25 victory over the Lions.

‘What was said was extremely well accepted by Peter and it was a positive meeting,’ Hoskins told Business Day. ‘I’m not going to go into detail about what was said. But we had a good discussion about the matter and it augurs well for South African rugby.’

Despite the talk, Hoskins’s comments didn’t have the desired effect on De Villiers as his rants continued at Monday’s press conference. Hoskins wouldn’t divulge the details of the meeting, but stood by his coach.

‘We shared our views about the incident and Peter explained the context it was said in. And I think it’s good that we can discuss such matters in a mature manner rather than airing our dirty linen in public,’ said Hoskins.

‘He understands that as an organisation we don’t stand for racism and we would like this view to be central in the ethos of the game.’

This is not the first occasion De Villiers has made comments with racist inferences.

Last year he called a black journalist a ‘coconut’ as the writer described the Boks’ winning game plan in Dunedin akin to Jake White’s formula in the World Cup. In the wake of De Villiers’s alleged sexual acts in a car park, the coach again lost his cool and went on to say he’ll ‘give rugby back to the whites’.

Hoskins’s spineless stance will not stop De Villiers from saying such things again.