Wallabies in front-row fight

Stephen Moore and Ben Alexander were involved in a heated scuffle on Wednesday.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the two players began wrestling each other on the ground after a competitive game of touch rugby.

Moore was elbowed in the face, and responded with a short, sharp right jab that hit Alexander on the jaw. Alexander got to his feet, and ran after Moore, pushing him in the face with a committed ‘don’t argue’ shove. Eventually tempers cooled and the pair went back to the game.

Moore, who is also a Brumbies front-row teammate of Alexander’s, later laughed off the incident, saying ‘there was nothing in it … we’re mates. I just copped a bit of an elbow on the way down, and had a bit of a wrestle.

‘But it’s always competitive at training, and that’s the environment we want to have. Sometimes it boils over a bit, but you have to be physical, and aggression is a big part of that.’