Kiwis keep faith in game plan

The All Blacks will continue to adopt an expansive approach against the Boks.

South Africa won Bloemfontein’s Test by playing pragmatic rugby, while New Zealand often conceded points when they tried to run at the Boks from inside their 22.

However, the All Blacks won’t change their approach for the rematch at King’s Park according to centre Conrad Smith.

‘When we had the ball there were good opportunities, but we just didn’t convert them,’ Smith told NZPA. ‘I don’t think we had hardly any ball in that first half and that was our fault.

‘I just felt we wearing them down and some of what we were doing was really good and we got ourselves into the game a lot more. We were starting to control things a bit better.’

Smith insisted it was the number of mistakes made by the All Blacks, and not their approach, that cost them the match.

‘It’s just our errors that are keeping them in the game and you can’t do that,’ he said. ‘They are a clinical side. If you let yourself down with errors they will camp in your territory and they will keep battering away and kick goals.

‘I don’t think they took too many risks with their play, they play a simple game.’