Quotas back on the agenda

Saru has scheduled an urgent workshop to discuss transformation in South African rugby.

The decision was made after a debate surrounding the issue by its management committee meeting on Friday.

There are growing concerns over the rate of transformation, as many young, talented black and coloured rugby players do not make it through to the senior levels.

Some administrators believe the quota system – which was scrapped two years ago – should be reintroduced, although management commitee chairperson Mark Alexander is not one of them.

‘The problem is that the word quota has a negative connotation and it is likened to tokenism. We don’t believe the system had the necessary results and it marginalised players,’ he told Afrikaans newspaper Sondag.

Alexander is pleased with the transformation taking place in the junior ranks. However, while there is enough talent at Craven Week, he believes it has to be filtered through to the highest level.

‘We have to have a look at the results we got from our report by Willie Basson and we need to ensure rugby grows in all demographic groups and we need to find ways to do this,’ he added.