Cape to host Super trio?

Negotiations are taking place between the Sharks, Stormers and Force to compete in a mini-tournament to prepare for next season’s Super 14.

If everything goes according to plan, the event will be held in Cape Town during early January.

Sharks coach John Plumtree supports this initiative but he adds that the final decision doesn’t lie in his hands.

‘At the moment, plans are being discussed between the franchises’ CEOs,’ he told ‘So I don’t quite know what’s happening at the moment.

‘But I definitely think it will be good preparation for the Super 14 because the quality of the teams we will be playing against will be top class.’

Plumtree believes this would be a valuable opportunity for his squad to get a run so early in the year.

‘I’ll be sure to give everyone a go in the two games. You have to play your squad, whether it’s the strongest side and then weaker one or if you mix it up a bit.

‘It’s still a long time to make that decision but certainly all the players will play. I believe it will be an efficient way to prepare for the Super 14.’

By Gareth Duncan