Poms face ‘Bloodgate’ allegations

After Harlequins have been found guilty of fabricating blood injuries, England and other top English clubs face further probing by the RFU.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, the ‘Bloodgate’ investigation into Harlequins’ case by businessman Malcolm Wall has found more evidence of widespread cheating, including at international level.

It has also been alleged that Harlequins offered Wall money to cover up their allegations, which has led to the resignation of chairman Charles Jillings, but no further action will be taken.

A source close to the investigation says Wall, now Harlequins’ interim chairman, has heard evidence of cheating, which include the deliberate cutting of players.

The source, who remains anonymous, says the alleged corrupt practices exist in the English top flight and the Six Nations.

‘According to our investigations, cheating is fairly widespread.’ the unknown source said. ‘I have wrestled with myself as to whether fifty percent of Premiership clubs are involved or twenty percent, and I simply don’t know.

‘What I do know is that some of the practices are occurring within international teams. Those teams are involved in the Six Nations and England have in the past been one of them.’

Wall’s investiagation is now in the hands of the RFU’s disciplinary officer Jeff Blackett, after both men met last week.

The RFU is already bracing itself for further damaging information when other evidence from the report is published this week and the governing body has admitted it could be forced to re-open its investigation.