ABs not concerned with full haul

Scoring four tries will be the third priority for the All Blacks in Hamilton on Saturday.

All Blacks assistant coach Steve Hansen said the team would not be pre-occupied with gaining a bonus point win. More importantly the All Blacks will aim to claim victory first, then attempt to prevent the Boks from claiming a losing bonus point, and then try and claim five log points.

‘That’s a fallacy,’ Hansen said of the need to score four tries. ‘The key ingredient in this game is making sure they don’t get a bonus point. We can chase it all we want but if they get a point then it’s over anyway.

‘We’ve only got to get nine points in two games, not five points in one. We’ve got to stop them scoring a point.’

The Blacks have only scored one try in each of their four Tri-Nations encounters this season, and will need a massive improvement on attack if they hope to claim the nine or 10 points required to secure their fifth successive title.

Dan Carter, who will play his second Test since returning from injury and the first against the Boks this year, said the bonus point had been mentioned.

‘It hasn’t been a main focus of ours,’ said Carter. ‘We want to go out and play the way we have to. It has been brought up, but you don’t want to start playing a willy-nilly type game. We still have to do the hard work to create opportunities.

‘We’ve been working hard on the way we want to play, and if we play the best we can then it will come about.’