RWC ticket prices announced

A ticket to the 2011 Rugby World Cup final could cost you close to R7,000, however some pool games will be far more affordable.

Organisers of the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand announced on Friday that tickets will range in price from between NZ$15 (around R80) for children and NZ$30 (R160) for adults at some pool games, to between NZ$390 (just over R2 000) and NZ$1 250 (R6,625) for the Cup final at Auckland’s Eden Park. Tickets go on sale in April 2010.

There is strong criticism that ticket prices are too high for the vast majority of New Zealanders, but RWC 2011 chief executive Martin Snedden countered that criticism by saying that pricing reflected the status of the tournament. He added that prices were comparative to those charged at the 2007 World Cup in France.

In an unprecedented move, tournament organisers have put a in place a facility through which New Zealanders can pay for tickets in installments.

‘RWC 2011 is one of the world’s greatest sporting events and will be a once in a lifetime opportunity in such a rugby-loving country as New Zealand,’ Snedden said.

The tournament, set to start in September 2011, is expected to run at a NZ$40 million (R212 million) deficit, two-thirds of which will be funded by taxpayers and one third by the New Zealand Rugby Union.

IRB takes all revenues from television rights, hosting fees, sponsorship and merchandising while the host country is only able to recoup costs through ticket sales.