Hayman seeks farm sweetener

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Hayman seeks farm sweetener

The three parties responsible for Carl Hayman’s impending return to New Zealand will help the tighthead acquire a dairy farm to sweeten the deal.

Taranaki, the Hurricanes and the New Zealand Rugy Union have all been in talks with Hayman, who’s contract with English club Newcastle expires this May. According to reports Down Under, the 30-year-old Hayman will return to play for Taranaki in the 2010 New Zealand Cup.

It’s also been reported that the three parties would facilitate buying a dairy farm in the Taranaki province. Taranaki chairman Peter Crawford, however, claims to have not heard about this part of the deal, and said there would be no deal if the three parties and Hayman couldn’t come to an agreement.

‘If that does come up [the farm issue] we will seriously look at it, but it hasn’t been discussed,’ he told the Taranaki Times. ‘If we can get it to that stage we will be giving everything to get it done.’

Hurricanes chief executive Greg Peters told Fairfax Media it was wrong for anyone to suggest that a farm would be given to Hayman as part of any deal.

‘It is not a payment to Carl Hayman. It’s Taranaki facilitating him getting into a farm. That means pointing him in the right direction and, potentially through other means, to help him on to a farm. It doesn’t mean Taranaki’s buying him a farm. It’s part of the total package.’

Peters added that Hayman’s return would be long-term, in other words, the All Blacks prop is likely to be signed for two years.

‘It’s a statement that he wants to be part of the New Zealand framework. He’s not, as we understand it, going to just waltz back in for the Tri-Nations. He will play the New Zealand Cup and then be available for the end-of-year tour.’

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