Alexander to run against Hoskins

Deputy president Mark Alexander says he will be a candidate for the top job at the next Saru presidency election in March.

Saru president Oregan Hoskins will finish his second term in charge after being appointed in 2008, but his deputy Alexander has confirmed that he will run for presidency next month, despite agreeing not to compete for the position should Hoskins decided to make himself available for a third term.

Alexander has defended his decision by saying: ‘Regan hasn’t come out clearly and said to me he is standing for the position,’.

There have been no other reports of other candidates also competing, making Alexander and Hoskins favourites for the position.

Alexander added that there was no rift between him and the current president and there should still be a place for Hoskins in rugby should he lose at the elections.

‘We have a very good working relationship because we complement each other well and we are good friends,’ said Alexander. ‘I believe Hoskins still has a role to play in rugby [should he lose].

‘He has good standing at the IRB, and it would be foolish to replace him with someone who again has to win the confidence and support there.’