Monty gives back to SACS

Former Springbok fullback Percy Montgomery has given his support to the SACS Rugby Foundation.

The Foundation, which was launched last week, aims to make SACS Junior the leading rugby school in the Western Cape and a top five national rugby entity; and to elevate SACS High’s rugby status to No 1 in the Western Cape and among the top 10 schools in South Africa.

‘Now that I have retired and settled in Cape Town I can give of my time to the school whose people gave so much of their time to me,’ said Montgomery, SACS’ most famous old boy. ‘The Foundation is incredibly exciting because it gives me a chance to say thank you for what was done for me and to contribute towards giving others the same opportunity I had.

‘I, like everyone involved in the Foundation, believe SACS can be and must be powerful in rugby, but most important is that we provide an option for students to make SACS their school of choice, and that the Foundation provides the kind of funding that ensures the best players in the junior school progress to the high school and are not lured away to other institutions.’

Funding generated by the Foundation will primarily be allocated to such bursaries, but the Foundation’s belief in education means funding will not be restricted to rugby players only, and allowance has been made to improve the intellectual capital of rugby masters who coach and administer the game, and boys whose involvement in rugby extends beyond playing the game.