No vuvuzelas for RWC

Vuvuzelas will not be allowed into the grounds for next year’s Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

The instruments have been a topic of much debate among players, supporters and officials during the Soccer World Cup, while they also came to prominence during the Bulls’ Super 14 play-off matches at Orlando Stadium. However, they were banned for the Boks’ Test against France at Newlands, and the Kiwi event organisers have taken a similar stance.

No ‘airhorns or sound amplifiers including loudhailers’ and ‘musical instruments’ and ‘whistles’ will be allowed at next year’s venues, according to the World Cup official site.

The Bledisloe Cup Test in Christchurch on 7 August is likely to see a ban on vuvuzelas. VBase chief executive Bryan Pearson told The Press a decision would be made soon.

‘We haven’t made any decisions,’ said Pearson. ‘We would be concerned about the potential for them to spoil the experience for fans at the stadiums. Given the experience at the soccer World Cup, I can’t see that that sort of deafening drone is going to be in any way well received by fans at AMI Stadium.’