Lions coach stabbed

John Mitchell was stabbed twice during a robbery at his Hyde Park apartment on Sunday.

Lions spokeswoman Krystle Geach told that Mitchell had been at home with his flat-mate and fellow coach Wayne Taylor when he heard a noise.

‘Mitch heard someone coming into the room. He thought it was Wayne, because Wayne has quite a dry sense of humour, so he tackled the guy,’ Geach said. ‘But it was an intruder.’

A second intruder then stabbed Mitchell in the arm and the leg, she said. The intruders then tied Mitchell up and ransacked the apartment. Taylor climbed out the window and down the drainpipe to alert police.

Geach said Mitchell was taken to hospital, but has now been released after having his wounds stitched up.

‘He is otherwise OK, a little bit shocked but OK. He will be back at work tomorrow [Monday].’