Venter brushes off bizarre interview

Brendan Venter says his infamous post-match interview was an attempt at humour but stressed he won’t do it again.

The Saracens coach courted controversy on Saturday after his side lost to Racing Metro, delivering a bizarre interview, where he responded by agreeing with and repeating every question posed to him.

Venter undoubtedly was making a statement to the European Rugby Cup, who fined him heavily for comments related to a referee’s performance in October.

The South African admitted that he had modelled his behaviour on the soccer-inspired satirical film ‘Mike Bassett: England Manager’, which had been shown on the Saracens’ team bus on a trip to Gloucester earlier in the season.

‘Everybody’s seen it for what it was, which was a joke,’ Venter said. ‘It wasn’t meant to offend anybody. Maybe a bit of passive resistance in a way.

‘I do respect them [the rugby authorities]. I wouldn’t want to offend them deliberately. So I definitely wouldn’t do it again.’

He continued: ‘Look, I agree I’ve got a mischevious streak in me. ‘But that’s because life is a privilege to live.

‘There are a lot more serious things out there than rugby. It is a game. It is not life and death. I didn’t insult anybody and nobody got hurt.’