Union investigates foul play charge

WP Rugby will investigate a case where a 14-year-old Primrose player was injured in an ‘off-the-ball’ incident against SACS over the weekend.

Imran Fredericks (14) was allegedly stomped on during an U15A game between Primrose RFC and SACS last Saturday, which left the player with a broken nose, cut eye, mild concussion, bruises and swelling.

Fredericks was taken to City Park Hospital after leaving the field and then lodged a complaint of assault at Claremont police station on Sunday. However, he was told that the WPRU would have to deal with the case first as it involved two minors during an organised rugby game.

WP general manager of youth rugby Theo Kleynhans confirmed the union will start with their investigation this week.

‘We are aware of the incident and we will investigate the matter,’ Kleyhans told keo.co.za on Monday. ‘But we will have to get the full story from both sides. We can’t just react after hearing things from one team. We will also see if we can get proper evidence, like video recordings and eye witnesses.’

Kleynhans added that foul play wasn’t a major problem in WP junior rugby.

‘This is a rare incident and it will be sorted out. We had a matter last season where a boy hit a referee but that was dealt with accordingly. I wouldn’t say there is a problem with discipline in junior rugby in the WP region.’