Cape derbies on show at Dale

Dale will host some of the top Eastern and Western Cape teams at the Cape Schools Rugby Week, which kicks off this Saturday.

While there will be a scarcity of major schoolboy action around the country with Craven Week preparations on the way, there will be some big rivalries showcased at the Cape Schools Rugby Week.

The festival takes place every second year and has been running since 1980. With Dale celebrating their 150th anniversary, tournament director Vince Gelderbloem expects a successful week ahead.

‘The aim of the tournament is to match up schools from the two regions. These teams won’t normally face each other during the season,’ Gelderbloem told ‘This creates a type of Eastern Cape versus Western Cape rivalry, which provides great entertainment.

‘The Eastern Cape schools will play their expansive game while the Western Cape schools will set the platform through their forwards – it will be interesting to see how the teams cope. The matches will also be of high quality as most of the schools competing are ranked in the top 30 in the country.

‘There should also be a big following. Our derby against Queen’s last month attracted 12 000 fans and we have advertised the event in local and national media.

‘SACS hosted the tournament the last time in 2009, and there was huge support and great camaraderie amongst the boys. We will be expecting more of that in this coming week.’

The match of the week will see second-ranked Selborne tackle Paarl Gym on Monday. Selborne are the top-rated Eastern Cape school after an impressive season and have 11 players in this year’s Border Craven Week team. Paarl Gym have suffered disappointing defeats but will aim to beat the former to add a much-needed, big victory to their record.

Other top fixtures see Dale take on Rondebosch in Saturday’s feature match while Queen’s face Boland Landbou and Gimmies on the opening day and Wednesday respectively.

For cross country lovers, the schools will also be competing in three races over the three match days that will start every morning at 8am.

25 June (Saturday):
De Vos Malan vs Muir (09:00)
Grey High vs SACS (10:20)
St Andrew’s vs Paarl Gym (11:40)
Boland Landbou vs Queen’s (13:00)
Selborne vs Wynberg (14:20)
Dale vs Rondebosch (15:40)

27 June (Monday):
SACS vs Muir (09:30)
Queen’s vs Wynberg (11:00)
St Andrew’s vs Boland Landbou (12:20)
Grey High vs Rondebosch (13:40)
Paarl Gym vs Selborne (15:00)
[Dale vs Outeniqua cancelled]

29 June (Wednesday):
Boland Landbou vs Selborne (09:00)
Rondebosch vs St Andrew’s (10:20)
Muir vs Wynberg (11:40)
Queen’s vs Paarl Gym (13:00)
Dale vs SACS (14:20)

By Gareth Duncan