SACS cleared

WP Rugby cleared SACS of foul play following an incident during an U15A match against Primrose on 11 June.

A 14-year-old Primrose player suffered a broken nose, cut eye, mild concussion, bruises and swelling during the match and was taken to hospital. The Kenilworth-based club claimed a foul play charge on SACS as they believed the player was stomped on during an off-the-ball incident.

WP Rugby investigated the matter and reviewed video footage of the game. The disciplinary committee then found SACS not guilty.

‘After reviewing all the evidence, the committee decided there was no malicious intent from the SACS player,’ said WP general manager of youth rugby Theo Kleynhans.

‘We will now have a meeting with the two schools to help mend their relationship and move forward from this matter. We were supposed to have this meeting on Thursday, but SACS have already left for the Cape Schools Rugby Week at Dale College. We have a scheduled a time for the first day of the next school term.’