Craven Week boys in dope scandal

Four Craven Week players have tested postive for anabolic steroids and could face two-year bans from sport.

CEO of the Institute for Drug-Free Sport Khalid Galant confirmed on Wednesday that the drug tests of four boys, who can’t be named because they are still minors, returned positive. This was after drug tests were carried out on 47% of participants during Craven Week in Kimberley at the end of June.

‘Out of the four positives, two results also showed high levels of testosterone and these tests have been sent off for further analysis to Germany to verify whether the levels of testosterone are due to external sources, or naturally produced by the body. Only if the tests confirm that indeed the source of testosterone is from outside of the athlete’s body, will a doping case be opened,’ said Galant.

While there were only four boys who tested positive from the selected group, Galant stressed that it didn’t mean that the others weren’t doping. He said it is possible for boys to stop doping weeks before Craven Week to pass the drug tests. It’s said that one boy’s result showed a low concentration of nandrolone, but not enough for a case to be opened.

The boys under investigation will face an independent tribunal in two months time. Galant said that the punishment for doping at school level can be severe and players should be wary of what supplements they take.

‘The standard sentence is a minimum ban of two years and not less than a year where there are mitigating circumstances,’ said Galant. ‘It will be up to the tribunal to rule on the appropriate sanction.

‘Just because you can easily buy a sports supplement at any grocery store or pharmacy does not mean that the supplement does not contain any banned steroids. Parents have to be more circumspect about the ingredients of these supplements and especially when words such as “testosterone booster” or “growth-hormone accelerator” are used on the packaging of products.’