Saru scale down

CEO Jurie Roux unveiled Saru’s new rationalised departments in Johannesurg on Thursday.

Saru announced a new-look board, which has been planned in the space of 18 months. The new shape of SARU will become effective on September 1 when the number of departments in the board’s Cape Town head office will be reduced from 16 to just seven – which will also assist the 14 unions in South African rugby.

‘We believe we are one of South Africa’s leading sporting federations – both on and off the field – but we’ve taken the hand brake off now,’ said Roux. ‘We’re poised to take rugby to the next level.

‘Saru has been able to deliver a robust financial performance, healthy competitions and, most importantly, winning Springbok and Springbok Sevens teams, but there have been challenges – most of them behind the scenes.

‘It’s fair to say that the organisation laboured because of a confusing network of overlapping responsibilities and blurred reporting lines due to the separation between a professional and amateur arm. Those obstacles have now been eradicated and we now have a much leaner, cleaner and simpler structure.’

Saru’s seven rationalised departments:

High Performance Teams – Management and preparation of all elite national teams, their support staff, selectors and scouts. Liaison with players and SARPA as well as brand management of teams.

Development – Growing and transforming participation and performance of the game while making it safer.

Commercial Marketing – Attracting and retaining sponsors while marketing and strategically managing SARU’s consumer-facing brands – such as events and competitions. In addition, the management of broadcasting contracts, SARU events and merchandise.

Referees – Identifying, training and developing refereeing talent in South Africa – to support both the professional game and the development game at schools, varsity and club rugby level.

Operations and Finance – Providing corporate support services in finance, travel, legal affairs and IT.

Human Resources – Acquiring, developing and retaining the staff with competencies that support the operational strategy and culture of SARU.

Corporate Affairs – Reputation management of the corporate entity of SARU, including media and other stakeholder relationships. Management of SARU heritage and CSI programmes.