Derby fever hits Paarl

Boishaai and Gimmies will meet in one of South Africa’s biggest school rivalries in Paarl – the Schoolboy Derby feature match of the weekend.

Boishaai have been in the in-form Western Cape school this season, with 16 wins and one draw from 18 games. Gimmies’ record isn’t as successful in comparison as they have already suffered seven defeats in their 21 matches in 2011.

However, Gimmies head coach Chris Lotter believes they can still upset their rivals.

‘We have a special plan in store for them,’ Lotter told ‘In contrast to their record this year, we were not as impressive. However, previous results don’t determine this derby. It’s always a 50-50 situation when the two sides clash. And the fact that they’ve had better results than us this year will not have an impact on this encounter at all.

‘We play against very strong sides across the country. Nowadays, all sides are equal and any team can beat any side on any given day. For example, we beat Oakdale with ease and Boishaai struggled against them only to win by an intercept try in the dying minutes of the game.’

Boishaai head coach Elmo Wolfaardt said his team will be expecting a tough encounter.

‘It’s a derby, so the playing fields are level. On the day, the team that wants it the most will win it,’ Wolfaardt also told this site. ‘Although we have a good record this year, we won’t be too overconfident. It will be a tight game and both teams will capitalise on any mistakes, so we have to make sure we do things right. We have the skills to do the job on the field.’

Wolfaardt added that he predicts a humdinger this weekend.

‘Everybody can expect a classic. The weathers good and there’s a lot of hype heading into this match.’

The 1st XV game will be played on the field in Faure Street at 16:00, while all other matches will be hosted by Paarl Gym earlier in the day.

By Gareth Duncan and Soyiso Maliti