Kiwis wow the world

RYAN VREDE watched arguably the finest-ever Rugby World Cup opening ceremony.

From start to end you felt you were in an epic adventure movie, being taken on a journey that showcased everything that is great about New Zealand and its people. So compelling, so engrossing, so, so good.

The experience of the viewer would have been enthralling, with many of the graphic projections better viewed from your lounge. But to feel the bass of the speakers rattle your bones, to see the intensity with which a variation of the haka was delivered, to experience the crowd’s roar at the sight of Jonah Lomu, to hear ‘World in union’ reverberate around the stadium…breathtaking.

If I was a Kiwi I would be bursting with pride. You delivered a ceremony befitting rugby’s showpiece event one that will take some surpassing and probably won’t be in London and Tokyo in four and eight years time respectively. It has taken a while for the vibe of the World Cup to be felt around Auckland, but it would be safe to predict that the fever will spread after an exhibition of that calibre and with the All Blacks likely thrill in the coming weeks.

By Ryan Vrede, at Eden Park

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