Pool A latest – Lièvremont livid

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Lièvremont livid - France coach Marc Lièvremont gave a cold appraisal of his side’s victory over Japan.

The 47-21 scoreline appears emphatic, but it was a stuttering performance against a minnow nation. They led narrowly (25-21) at one point, and relied too heavily on individual skill to pry open the dogged Japanese defence. ‘We are not happy. It’s disappointing even if we won. We thought we were too good, too easy, after our first two tries. This kind of behaviour could have cost us dearly,’ Lièvremont said.

‘I want to remember the victory. I wanted consistency, and there I was not satisfied. It’s not too much of a worry because we won, but it’s a warning. We can and we owe it to ourselves to do better.’

Japan coach John Kirwan said: ‘We played with positivity. We made a couple of errors which gave them a couple of soft tries. We knew if we held on to the ball and cut down our error rate there would be a window of opportunity to win. That window of opportunity came in the 18th to 24th minute. We came away with three points and probably needed 10.

‘Still, it is important for us to show the world we are a competent team. Tonight was about exploding out on to the scene. We look at this game as if we are equals. We will wake up tomorrow disappointed. We will work hard and move forward.’