England lose Armitage

Delon Armitage will miss England’s quarter-final due to a one-match suspension for foul play.

Following a review of broadcast footage of Saturday’s Pool B game between England and Scotland, Armitage was cited under Law 10.4(e) for a dangerous tackle. He has since been suspended by Independent Judicial Officer Bruce Squire QC (NZL) in accordance with the Rugby World Cup 2011 Disciplinary process.

Having conducted a detailed review of all the evidence available, including all broadcast angles and additional evidence from the player and submissions from his legal representative, the Judicial Officer deemed the offence to be lower end offending which has an entry point of two weeks.

However, taking into account particular aspects of the offending which the Judicial Officer found justified a reduction from the proscribed entry point when taken into consideration with mitigating factors and the absence of aggravating factors, the player was suspended for a period of one match.