Guilford avoids assault charge

Zac Guildford will not be charged for alleged assault during a drunken evening as nobody has laid a complaint.

The All Blacks wing was picked up by Cook Island police on Thursday night at a popular bar after complaints had been lodged about his behaviour. The officers arrived to find Guilford drunk, naked and bleeding from cuts and scratches incurred during what was initially reported to be a brawl with a 60-year-old patron. When police arrived they said there was no evidence of a physical fight.

On Tuesday morning acting police commissioner Aka Matapo said no assault charges had been filed, and explained they had only taken Guilford into custody so that they could escort him to the hospital to have his wounds treated. Guilford attempted to escape en route to the hospital and was later taken to the police station ‘to prevent any more breach of the peace on that particular night,’ Matapo told the Dominion Post.

‘He was very remorseful, apologetic of his actions and he couldn’t remember what had happened. He was warned, he was told what happened and why he was detained here at the police station, and by then the police realised that he was a member of the All Blacks.’

Guilford, however, has also been accused of harassment by Cook Islands tri-athlete Kelly Pick, who claims a drunk Guildford drove slowly past her, back and forth, on his rented scooter ‘shouting inappropriate sexual and defamatory comments to me’ while she was running on Friday.

‘His behaviour was totally inappropriate to the point where I felt unsafe,’ Pick said in a letter to the Cook Island News. ‘He was obviously highly intoxicated and driving his rental scooter very dangerously and speeding like an idiot. I got back from my run totally shaken and angry that someone feels they have the right to harass and leer at other people. We don’t need tourists like him on our island.’