TMOs to play bigger role

Television match officials could be allowed to point out foul play to referees during the 2012 Super Rugby tournament.

The IRB recently announced that TMOs in two tournaments – one in each hemisphere – would be allowed to do this on a trial basis, with the European Cup being the first.

According to the Volksblad newspaper, Super Rugby could follow suit.

‘There must still be decided what tournament in the southern hemisphere the new technology will be used in, but hopefully it’s in the Super Rugby tournament,’ Saru referees manager André Watson said. ‘It is good to use technology where it could be of assistance and I support it 100%. However, I fear that most people won’t realise that it won’t be infallible.’

The IRB is yet to decide how the rule would be implemented. The first option is for the referee to decide when he would want to refer possible foul play to the TMO, while the second option would be for each of the two captains to receive one referral per match.

Watson said a combination of the two could work.

‘One must remember that the captain can’t always see everything that happens on the field and won’t always be able to make a call to refer the incident.’