Bok coach to be named in January

Saru will hold a special general council meeting in late January with a view to ratifying the appointment of the next Springbok coach.

The meeting will take place in Cape Town on 27 January and is required by the Saru constitution, which specifies that the appointment of the Springbok coach has to be approved by the general council to become official.

The general council will receive a recommendation from the executive council (Exco) which will meet 24 hours earlier to finalise the selection process.

The general council of Saru is made up of two representatives from each of the 14 provincial unions (one of whom must be that union’s president), associate members of Saru and the Exco. The representatives of the unions and the Saru president are the members entitled to vote (29 in total).

According to a statement from Saru, the general council meeting will also decide on a process to identify Saru’s entrants to the 2013 Super Rugby competition.