Mallett’s ours if we want him

Nick Mallett is available to Heyneke Meyer as a consultant should the Springbok coach believe it could strengthen his debut international season campaign.

Mallett told that if Meyer asked for any form of input, he’d be pleased to make a contribution.

‘I have huge respect for Heyneke as a person and as a coach. I was very pleased he finally got the opportunity as he’s done the hard yards over the last decade and enjoyed tremendous success in getting results, identifying talent and evolving that talent,’ said Mallett. ‘He [Heyneke] is a really good mate so I would help with pleasure if I was ever asked.’

Mallett confirmed he has not made himself available for any English or French club opportunities and will remain in Cape Town.

‘It has been fantastic enjoying a Cape summer again and I’ve particularly enjoyed doing the SuperSport Six Nations analysis. I am in discussions with SuperSport about other possibilities this season and should know in the next week what comes from those discussions.’

When asked if he would consider any form of involvement with Meyer’s Boks, Mallett said only if there was a belief from Meyer that there was a value add to the Boks.

‘I am always available to chat and to offer an insight that could be beneficial or to be a sounding board. I gave the England application my best and I am satisfied I gave a compelling presentation. I have been impressed with what Stuart [Lancaster] has done with the squad in the Six Nations, but he knows the matches against South Africa, Australia and New Zealand will be more demanding. I respect the decision of the RFU and don’t regret having made myself available when asked to do so.

‘I have no commitment to any club, province or international squad, so if there is a way I could make a difference to the Boks, then it would be great. If not, they’ll always have my support and I look forward to seeing them push for the top ranking because they certainly can be No 1 with Heyneke in charge, more so given the quality and class of player available for selection.’

Mallett said he would never entertain anything that could be seen as disruptive.

‘I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes and this certainly is not a job application of any kind. Make it clear you [Mark Keohane] called me and asked if I was going back overseas and if not if I would consider any consultancy role with the Boks. I am merely responding to the question.

‘As it is I do chat with Heyneke and will continue to do so socially and about rugby. We both love the game and like talking about it.’

Mallett, who coached Italy for the last four years, said he had not considered any Super Rugby prospects.

‘England was a fantastic opportunity and I gave it a crack. I have moved on now and my immediate focus is being back in Cape Town.’

Mallett coached the Springboks from 1997 to 2000.