KES prepare biggest rugby show

The KES Easter Rugby Festival is reportedly the most supported schoolboy event in South Africa.

While the crowd averages across the other Easter festivals vary from 15 000 to 30 000, KES had a reported total of 36 000 spectators show up for their event last year. Tournament director Derron van Eeden believes a bigger followership is possible this year.

‘We have an exciting event lined up this year, from top action on the field to great entertainment for the fans on all three days as we have new sponsors on board,’ Van Eeden told Schoolboy Derby. ‘We had a massive crowd last year, but there should be more parents, family members and schoolboy fans coming out to support this year. There’s plenty of excitment all around.’

The 11th installment of the KES Easter Rugby Festival will see a pool of schools from all around the country and one team from Italy. Banca Monte Paschi Rugby Viadana will make its third trip to the event, which promises some big clashes.

Jeppe and KES clash in 2011

On day one, Viadana challenge a good Jeppe side and Bishops tackle Eldoraigne. On day two, Pretoria Boys’ take on St Andrew’s, while KES and Bishops face off in Saturday’s feature match. On the third and final day, KES will duel against Viadana.

There will also be a GLRU President’s XV participating over the three days, which will include players from disadvantage and smaller rugby schools in the Gauteng region.

KES Easter Rugby Festival fixtures

GLRU President’s XV vs Pretoria Boys’ (09:00 k/o)
Lichtenburg vs St Benedict’s (10:30 k/o)
KES vs St Andrew’s (12:00 k/o)
Viadana vs Jeppe (13:30 k/o)
Bishops vs Eldoraigne (15:00 k/o)
St Alban’s vs Marlow (16:30 k/o)

Viadana vs Eldoraigne (09:00 k/o)
GLRU President’s XV vs St Benedict’s (10:30 k/o)
St Alban’s vs Lichtenburg (12:00 k/o)
Jeppe vs Marlow (13:30 k/o)
Pretoria Boys’ vs St Andrew’s (15:00 k/o)
KES vs Bishops (16:30 k/o)

GLRU President’s XV vs Jeppe (09:00 k/o)
Marlow vs Eldoraigne (10:30 k/o)
Pretoria Boys’ vs Lichtenburg (12:00 k/o)
St Alban’s vs St Andrew’s (13:30 k/o)
Bishops vs St Benedict’s (15:00 k/o)
KES vs Viadana (16:30 k/o)

By Gareth Duncan