Cheeky still not satisfied

EPRU president Cheeky Watson says the Kings want a three-year Super Rugby guarantee from Saru.

The Kings will play Super Rugby in 2013 but it may only be for one year as the bottom-placed team in the SA conference will have to play a two-match promotion-relegation tie against the Lions.

‘I think it is a ludicrous decision,’ Watson said after Saru’s general council meeting in Cape Town. ‘It doesn’t make sense in rugby, not in business, not in the church. It doesn’t make sense in any sector of society that you are sitting with a scenario that you are in Super Rugby for one year and expected to achieve.’

Watson later told Ballz Radio that the Kings wanted a guaranteed place in Super Rugby for the next three years and would appeal Saru’s decision.

Meanwhile, GLRU president Kevin de Klerk said he was ‘extremely disappointed’ with the Lions’ relegation from Super Rugby.

‘This is a very unfortunate decision, which will result in a team [the Kings] taking part in a competition without needing to qualify on rugby merits. We will take time to consider this decision and then to plan our response that best protects our players, staff, stakeholders and supporters.’

The Lions will hold a press conference on Tuesday to address the matter.