Boks among top RWC seeds

New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and France will be the top four seeds for the 2015 World Cup draw on 3 December.

The ratings gap between those sides and the rest are too high for results of the two matches on 1 December (England vs New Zealand and Wales vs Australia) to affect their position as a top seed.

The rankings are being used to rank the 12 directly qualified teams for the World Cup into three bands for the draw with the sides ranked one to four in band one – and crucially avoiding each other until the knockout stage – those five to eight in band two and the remaining four in band three.

England and Ireland are in the second band of seeds for the draw (fifth to eighth in the rankings).

If Wales avoid defeat against Australia, Wales and Samoa will take the other two spots in this second band, with Argentina in the third band. However, if Australia defeat Wales, then Samoa and Argentina will fill these two spots in the second band, with Wales joining Italy, Tonga and Scotland in the third band of seeds.

IRB rankings
1 New Zealand 92.91
2 South Africa 86.94
3 Australia 86.31
4 France 85.07
5 England 81.07
6 Ireland 80.22
7 Wales 78.95
8 Samoa 78.709
9 Argentina 78.708
10 Italy 76.24
11 Tonga 76.10
12 Scotland 75.83