Bad blood between Durban rivals

Glenwood and Westville will aim to reconcile their differences in the coming weeks following a player eligibility row.

They are two of the oldest and top sporting schools in Durban, and their annual rugby derby is one of the most popular 1st XV fixtures in the province and country. However, Glenwood recently announced that they will not face Westville this season because of the animosity that has existed since March 2012, when Westville appealed against Glenwood prop Marne Coetzee’s selection.

Coetzee joined Glenwood from Waterkloof during his Grade 11 year in 2011. According to Glenwood principal Trevor Kershaw: ‘Coetzee was an U19 schoolboy who was registered for seven subjects in matric. His enrollment did not breach any agreements or rules.’

Kershaw decided to adhere to Westville’s appeal, but Glenwood was not happy with the way the opposition school handled the situation. Westville went on to win the 1st XV match 13-9.

After Glenwood announced that they would not play against Westville in 2013, the latter subsequently called off a 1st XI cricket match scheduled for this month.

KZN High Schools Rugby Association head Noel Ingle was not happy with this outcome.

‘The match between Glenwood and Westville is one the major fixtures on the 1st XV calendar,’ Noel told’s Schoolboy Derby. ‘To see sporting fixtures being cancelled and omitted is very disappointing. I’m sure the players, parents and fans are very disappointed too.

‘Unfortunately, this is not a situation the union can get involved in. Only the schools can decide on a way forward.’

When this site contacted both schools, it was confirmed that the two parties have already met. There are meetings scheduled over the next several weeks too. But even if peace is found, it is unlikely that Glenwood will add Westville to their busy 2013 schedule.

Meanwhile, Glenwood also confirmed that all disputes with DHS have been revolved.

The two schools met following rumours that Glenwood had poached a DHS cricket coach and planned to recruit a few 1st XI players, but these claims were proven to be false. A DHS cricket coach did join Glenwood recently, but he did so legally after an interview process.

The Glenwood-DHS annual derby will go ahead on 18 May.

By Gareth Duncan