Jack Russell shows some bite

Jack Russell’s BarkingMad is the early leader in Ultimate Dream Teams Super Rugby Fantasy League.

Super Rugby’s opening weekend was restricted to just two Australian derbies but, to quote former Bok coach Peter de Villiers, if you want to run with the big dogs you got to lift your leg. Few ran with the big dog that is BarkingMad, who leads with 193 points from Henry Dicks’s Brullogz on 186 points. Andre Ruie’s LekkaWP also has 186 points and only seven among the 15 914 managers went past 180 points in Round one.

The best performer in the Keo League of Ultimate Dream Teams Super Rugby Fantasy League belongs to Riaan van der Merwe’s Bulletjie Rugby and Hennie de Beer’s Hennas ultimate team. Both are on 153 points.

Keo, in his first foray into Fantasy Rugby, is ranked 38th in the Keo League and 1430 out of 15 914 globally.

Brumbies fullback Jesse Mogg, with 38 points, was the best player and Force winger Alfi Mafi was the only other player to reach 30 points.

Rebels fullback James O’Connor’s return was 29 points on a weekend when just six players managed 20 or more points in performance.

Global top 10

1. Jack Russell BarkingMad 193pts
2. Henry Dicks Brullogz 186
2. Andre Ruie LekkaWP 186 186
4. Michael Jordaan TRY TIME 183
5. gertman maree kuite maree 181
5. Ruan Nortje Brabliz 181 181
7. Nicholas van den Berg Guns Rallepele 180
8. Mark Hull FunkyBunch 179
8. andre van der merwe BLikkies 179
10.shahied stoffels Boundry Kings 178

Keo League

1. Riaan Van Der Merwe Bulletjie_Rugby 10 (global ranking 119) 153pts
1. Hennie de Beer Hennas ultimate team (119) 153
3. Kevin Meltzer Dredd Devils (141) 151
3. Carel Lotz Bizkit Super 15 (141) 151
5. Kevin Birtles gifted1 0 (163) 149
6. Werner Wehr Partyboy’s Poopers (275) 142
7. Hans Schmid Hans H (354) 139
8. Rob Stead Kamikaze Kickers (409) 137
9. Papa Boachie-Yiadom papoose (439) 136
9. Wayne Powell Waynes Winners (439) 136

The real fun starts this weekend with the introduction of the Kiwi and South African teams.