Nutcracka nails it

Nutcracka leads the Keo League in the Ultimate Dreamteams Super Rugby Fantasy League.

Grant Samo’s Nutcracka team sits top of the Keo League with 387 points and a Global ranking of 152, some distance off the overall team leader Blou end Pienk Bul belonging to Reinette Olivier.

Nearly 18 000 managers are competing for the Global bragging rights, but the big prizes will be in the Keo League so switch to the Keo League if you are just part of the global one and put yourself in line to win some fantastic prizes, starting from the end of March and running through till the end of the tournament.

I have learned a valuable lesson of looking at my fixture list before selecting. I had three Crusaders in my starting line-up, having made the mistake of thinking they were playing. Schoolboy error, I know, and I got lashed for it. My points return was limited and I dropped more than 3000 places for a Global Ranking of 4530.

As Hugh Bladen would say: ‘SHOCKER!!!’

Brumbies fullback Jesse Mogg has given managers the best return with 64 points, Rebels winger Alfi Mafi is next with 46 points and James O’Connor is third on 45 points.

To those not yet in the Keo League, either join or switch from the Global to the Keo League. There is plenty to be won. Check out all the positions at Ultimate Dreamteams Super Rugby Fantasy League

For me it’s time to haul out the cliche manager quote book and tell you I not only have to work harder this week, but also smarter … starting with checking who is actually playing.