Blues remain grounded

RICHARD FERGUSON updates followers of the latest Super Rugby news from New Zealand.

Blues remain grounded

The Blues may have had a barn storming start to the 2013 Super Rugby season, but staff are doing what they can to keep the young team level headed.

The Blues backroom staff has been putting together video footage of where they went wrong against the Hurricanes and the Crusaders. Areas highlighted were the breakdown and set pieces, two areas the Bulls will no doubt target.

John Kirwan and Graham Henry, with the mountain of experience they have amongst them, want to keep the team motivated and hard-working – somehow holding on to an underdogs tag rather than being all out favourites.

Walsh cited and cleared

Hurricanes coach Mark Hammett complained about referee Steve Walsh’s handling of the game in his team’s loss to the Reds.

Lyndon Bray, boss of all things referee, agreed that Walsh got a few calls wrong in the last quarter of the match, yet still got a majority of the calls in the match right, and that no action will be taken against him.

Walsh sits out this weekend’s matches, but not as a result of the action taken against him.