Keo readers crack 52 million pages’s loyal and fantastic readership has taken the site pages read past 52 million over the past five years.

The five year Google Analytics show 2.3 million visited the site in the last five years and the average time spent on site per visit is eight minutes.

In excess of 10 million pages are read every year.

Thank you to the game’s most loyal brand of brothers and sisters.

It’s appreciated. You’ve made the best rugby pub in the world.

Give me suggestions on how to reward this loyalty. Do we plan a party in Cape Town and one in Johannesburg for later in the year to celebrate the landmark?

Post your comments here on whether you think a Keo ’5 years 50 million pages’ is something you guys and girls would attend.

Post your comments on any suggestions.

Thanks again for making the blog your rugby playground of choice.

Yours, in gratitude and appreciation.