Roux in another sad SARU shocker

SARU CEO Jurie Roux’s argument that the Boks won’t play the All Blacks at Newlands because New Zealand does well in Cape Town is flawed and lacks substance.

If results were the deciding factor in determining where the Boks play the All Blacks then the only three places that should be hosting the All Blacks are Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and of course Ellis Park.

Roux told the media: ‘The Executive Committee’s first priority in awarding Tests is to determine which environment best suits the Springboks and least suits their opponents. The second consideration is commercial.

‘Naturally, the fact that New Zealand have been successful in their last three matches at Newlands is an important factor when determining allocations.’

What utter garbage Jurie.

Given that argument the All Blacks should never play again at Loftus, where they have crushed the Boks in recent times. They should not play in Durban where they have enjoyed success and they should never be allowed close to Soccer City where they have given the Boks a rugby lesson two years in succession.

It is absurd to even suggest that if the Boks struggle against a particular opponent at a certain ground then future contests at the ground would be avoided.

The Springboks, given this type of argument, should play every one of their Tests in Johannesburg at Ellis Park.

Roux’s comments are embarrassing. They also punish a passionate rugby community in Cape Town, whose crowd attendance in Super Rugby and Test rugby over the last decade has no equal in this country.

The underlying resentment is that so many coloured rugby fans support New Zealand, but it is their democratic right to support whoever they want to. My issue always has been the crass and thuggish behaviour in relation to this support.

It also has to be emphasised that it is only a minority within the local New Zealand coloured and white support that has turned one of rugby’s great spectator experiences into something less savoury.

Security measures simply have to be increased to keep this element in check. To punish the passionate supporter because the Boks have not been good enough to win in Cape Town against New Zealand is beyond belief. That kind of decision stinks of militant apartheid type decision-making.

To present it as justifiable for ignoring Newlands as a venue for All Blacks versus Springbok Tests is an insult to every rugby supporter in Cape Town.

Jurie, go and check the Springboks’ results against the All Blacks in South Africa since 1992 before making such a ridiculous statement. You are by all accounts an intelligent man but you’ve insulted your own intelligence as much as you have that of every passionate rugby supporter in Cape Town.

WP-FOREVER kindly supplied the following breakdown
South African Tri-Nations venues featuring All Blacks: Newlands: 4 matches – won 1, lost three (25% success rate) – average score 11-19. Kings Park: 5 matches, won 2, lost three (40% success rate) – average score 24-24. Ellis Park: 5 matches, won 4, lost one (80% success rate) – average score 33-27. Loftus: 4 matches, lost four (0% success rate) – average score 22-41. Bloemfontein: 1 match, 1 won (100% success rate) – average score 28-19.
PE: 1 match, 1 won (100% success rate) – average score 18-5
Soccer City: 2 matches, 2 defeats – average score 19 – 31
Bafokeng: 1 match, 1 win – average score 21-20