Dosh chasing Digby

RICHARD FERGUSON updates followers of the latest Super Rugby news from Australia.

Dosh chases Digby

The Reds are set to be without Digby Ioane when they start the 2014 Super Rugby season, after the Wallaby winger chose not to extend his contract by an optional third year.

Ioane claims that the Reds have not, on two occasions, made payment to him, and that he will have to look elsewhere if he wants to look after himself financially. This will force Digby to look at a foreign deal, since he cannot get out of his current deal by signing for a local team.

The Reds have responded by stating that they do not owe Ioane any money, and that he will have to prove it in the courts if he wishes.

It is rumoured that Ioane is the highest paid International in Australia, but we might see the end of his Wallaby career as players not based in Australia are not in the selection from for the Wallaby jersey.