Go north, South Africa

South African rugby bosses must align with France and England to form a new Super 20.

The confirmation that the Heineken Cup will end in its current format was confirmed on Tuesday.

Now South Africa’s rugby clever guys must make hay while the sun shines and cut their ties with SANZAR and also end Super Rugby, as we currently know it.

Let the Kiwis and Aussies have their own Super Rugby tournament.

It makes more sense on every level for the six South African regional franchises to play in France and England, both from a geographical point of view and also from a broadcasting point of view. Commercially it is also far more appealing.

The Super Rugby arrangement since 1996 has always been to South Africa’s disadvantage.

Australian rugby has been the biggest beneficiary.

Now is the time for South Africa to put themselves first and to form a new partnership that takes our rugby into Europe and into a new dawn.

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