Messam’s olive branch to Bok supporters

Liam Messam wants some love from South African rugby supporters – and he’s promised to tackle low at Ellis Park.

Messam took to Twitter to say: ‘Dear SA supporters I understand your frustrations and I agree that the big man was hard done by, he’s a awesome player and one of the best.’

Messam, after the All Blacks had beaten the Springboks 29-15 at Eden Park, tweeted: ‘Thanks for the hate coming out of SA, it is what it is, Lesson learnt tackle low.’

Messam took exception to Tweets aimed at his family, which I would also do.

But that is the mentality of the social media pitch fork mob.

I agree Messam was a Tool (and he features in my Tool of the Week awards) but leave his family out of any abuse and keep the vitriol to the rugby.

Messam’s a good guy, a player with aura and Mana , which is my I got so irritated when he went down like an Aussie when making contact with THE Bismarck.

Cut the bloke some slack South Africa and let’s do our talking (as South Africans) on the field at Ellis Park.