Get real Ewen

Ewen McKenzie sounded more like Walter Mitty in declaring progress had been made with his yellow-belly Wobblies.

The Australians, those not so brave pretenders who rolled over in Brisbane and played dead, currently are not good enough to win in South Africa. It is a matter of by how much they will lose in Cape Town next weekend.

McKenzie spoke of Australia’s need to match the physicality of the Boks and to front in the scrums and in the collisions.

Get real Ewen.

Brisbane was men against boys and the boys certainly did not turn into men in sneaking a one point win against the Pumas in Perth.

The Wallabies have not won in Cape Town since 1992 – and while they’ve had narrow losses (three and four points on two occasions) this squad doesn’t possess the quality of those predecessors that came close.

Bringing back prop Ben Robinson to make the difference is scraping the barrel.

McKenzie, so impressive as a Super Rugby coach with the Reds, has not had quite the same presence with the national side. As a Super Rugby coach – and columnist with SA Rugby Magazine – he always came across as informed, insightful and articulate.

The false bravado with the Wobblies does him a disservice.

I guess he has to talk his team up, but it may serve him better to shut up while his team hardens up.

There’s a Chopper Reid skit McKenzie may want to have a look at. He may also want to show his squad that to be competitive in South Africa his team needs to harden the F@*k UP!

‘We didn’t get to the gameplan we wanted to last time and so we’ve still got stuff up our sleeve we haven’t tried yet.

‘But you’ve got to be able to impose yourself physically on the game, that’ll be an important part of it,’ said McKenzie

‘It’s not like they were way out of our league. We’re not going to go there to make up the numbers, we’ve put a lot of thought into the potential composition of the team and how we might go about it.’

Yeah right mate.

Now listen to Chopper and get your boys to Harden the F@8k UP before talking about physically wanting to match the Springboks in South Africa.