Put your money on France

France are 2-1 to beat the Springboks in Paris and it’s a bet that is worth taking.

The entire French nation will be amped after seeing their soccer team qualify for the 2014 World Cup during the week and the rugby players will feed off that atmosphere in Paris.

betflash.co.za has odds for six of the internationals being played this weekend, but the odds for straight wins for the likes of Wales, Australia and New Zealand are so short it’s not worth taking. To illustrate my point, if you put R100 on the All Blacks to beat Ireland (same thing with Wales against Tonga), you’d only get R110 in return.

So, you have to do a bit of creative thinking.

On betflash.co.za you can also compile your own permutation. I’m making it simple and going for these two bets:

1) Straight wins (no need to worry about points margins) for Wales, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. Every R100 staked will net a profit of R112, so you get a R212 return for every R100. They will win and that will help me play this next bet, for free, and still have some money for the car guard.

2) Simply add France to the mix, to beat the Springboks, along with those four teams above. That will result in a R533.48 payout for every R100.
Given that the Springboks have not been able to beat France in France in their last four Tests, this represents great value and there’s a really tidy profit.

Also, betflash.co.za are offering 8-10 (that means that for every R100 you stake, you’d get R180 in return) that gives France a 5.5-point lead. I’m going to take that, so if the Boks were to win and they didn’t win by MORE than five points, simply by backing France you’d get that 8-10 return. It’s easy money!

They’ve also made it easy for those too lazy to work out the perms themselves with some predefined Flashpots.