Register changes to Keo

The comments section will be changing on Read about how to register. in 2014 will be 10 years old. In those 10 years much has changed – we’ve had three Springbok coaches, won a World Cup, the Tri-Nations twice, beaten the British and Irish Lions and even seen Western Province win the Currie Cup. We’ve also seen the massive growth of social networks like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

After 10 years running on WordPress, and almost 2.5m comments from 50 000 Muppets, is finally moving onto a new platform. As part of the move, we’ll be upgrading the comments engine to something that is built to integrate with those social networks, and allow us to keep going for another ten years.

We’ve chosen Livefyre as our new comments engine for a number of reasons:

* you will be able to easily share comments with your friends on other social networks and invite them to join the conversation
* you can share photos and play videos on Keo
* conversations happening on Facebook and Twitter are automatically synced with those happening on
* it’s used by some of the biggest websites on the Internet, including Sports Illustrated USA

Unfortunately, it also means that you will have to register with Livefyre in order to comment on I’m letting you know in advance, so that you can register your handle and continue to comment without interruption. You will also be able to register with your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin profiles if you so wish.

To register go to

I’ll let you know before we switch over, but I’m hoping to do so next week, so move quickly.