19 is SA’s magical RWC number

South Africa must secure a 19-strong majority from the 37 World Council votes to host Rugby World Cup 2023.

South Africa, along with the other two bidding countries France and Ireland, officially submitted their respective bids to World Rugby’s head office in Dublin on May 31.

All three candidates have to (by July 31) submit the signed host agreement and the signed guarantee letters, in person to the World Rugby head office in Dublin.

The candidates will on September 25 each make a presentation to the World Rugby Council.

The Board of Rugby World Cup Ltd, based on the evaluation process, will in mid-October issue a recommendation to World Rugby Council as to who should be the 2023 hosts.

Watch why South Africa is ready to host RWC2023

South Africa’s RWC2023 Bid The World Rugby Council will vote to determine the host on November 15.

How the vote works:

It is a straight majority vote. If no country gets a majority in the first round of voting then the country with the least number of votes at that point is eliminated. In the event of a split decision, the chairperson, has the casting vote.

There are 37 votes and 19 votes will ensure a winner. None of the three bidding countries can vote.

World Council voting

Tier 1

England 3 votes

Wales 3 votes

Scotland 3 votes

Italy 3 votes

New Zealand 3 votes

Australia 3 votes

Argentina 2 votes

Regional Associations

Oceania 2 votes

South America 2 votes

North America 2 votes

Africa 2 votes

Europe 2 votes

Asia 2 votes

Other Unions

Canada 1 vote

USA 1 vote

Japan 1 vote

Georgia 1 vote

Romanian 1 vote

Total: 37 votes

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