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Beale apologises following involvement in video controversy

Australian fullback Kurtley Beale has been forced to apologise following his involvement in a controversial video that surfaced on social media recently.

The video, which features NRL player Corey Newman filming an older man snorting a white powder from a plate, while Beale laughs in the background, was believed to have been filmed in 2016 but only surfaced now.

Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle released a statement on Tuesday saying:

“Rugby Australia only became aware of the video after it had surfaced on social media on Monday afternoon, and understands that it was recorded in 2016.”

“After becoming aware that the vision was being shared on social media, Kurtley contacted me last night to apologise for the negative attention the video had attracted and expressed regret at putting himself in a compromising position at that time.”

“Kurtley has today met with Rugby Australia’s Integrity Unit to provide his version of events, and the high standards that are expected of him as a professional Rugby player have been firmly reiterated.”

“Kurtley acknowledges that his presence in the video and the humour he expressed at the incident at the time does not reflect the image that is expected of a professional rugby player.”

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