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Betting Preview: Bulls to run Chiefs close

The Oracle and Keo agree the Bulls to run the Chiefs close is a punt that will bring you cash. But Keo believes the Oracle has broken the golden rule when it comes to the Lions.

Chiefs v Bulls – 18.5

I started the week thinking this handicap was a tad too high, I went against the Bulls last week at Reds, but this week I do believe that the Bulls are better than the Stormers and I will gladly take this lack of respect in price as a green light to go large. I am not going as big as the Rebels but this will be my 2nd biggest play for the week. I will not be surprised if this Bulls team come really close here. Call: Bulls +18.5 at 4 units

Keo: I am with the Oracle on this one. I still have the Chiefs to win, but come on, this is John Mitchell country. Mitch is one of the most celebrated Waikato rugby men. He has coached the Chiefs and he knows the mentality of who he opposes. This is more 10 minus than 18.5 plus for the Chiefs. 

Highlanders v Crusaders +1.5

I called the Highlanders at the start of the season and said they would fight it out for the NZ conference title. I do feel that given a plus start albeit only a point, it appears to be value. Call: Highlanders +1.5 at 1.5 units

Keo: Highlanders, at home, JUST … only JUST. There’s no cash to be made here. Stay away.

Brumbies v Sharks +1.5

My lowest play of the week here. While tt is difficult to see if the Sharks are good enough to have been given the favourites’s tag here, it looks right, but I am sticking to an absolute minimum here. Call: Sharks -1.5 at 0.25 units

Keo: Again, the Oracle speaks with wisdom. Sharks to win, but by one score.

Stormers v Blues +1.5

Wow what a comeback, can the Blues do it again v Stormers? I just don’t know, the bookies have made the Blues favourites in Cape Town, I am not sure that one game can do that, they had patches of decent play in their overseas tour, they are back at home now and with a point start I will go with the Stormers, extremely tentative though. Call: Stormers +1.5 at 0.5 units

Keo: Two inconsistent teams and two teams traditionally expected to dominate. This is a mid table clash and I have the Stormers to win. I am backing the Stormers more out of Blues inconsistency than Stormers consistency. The Blues would have targeted one win from two in SA – and that win would have been in Cape Town. They got the win (against all expectation in Johannesburg) and this is a week spent more at the Russian Ballet (Read Mavericks) than at training. It’s not a game to make you money, but it will be one that will disappoint you, especially if you live in Auckland.

Lions v Sunwolves -33.5

This handicap is just not enough, the Sharks playing average rugby dispatched this team for 28 without breaking a sweat. Unfortunately because it is my team I am restricting myself to just a half Max strike. Call: Lions -33.5 at 2.5 units

Keo: The Oracle is breaking the golden rule. He is letting emotion rule his head. He talks about his team. A punter doesn’t have a team, he has a punt. Lions to smash them by 40-plus points.

Jaguares v Reds -7.5

I am not convinced about this Jaguares team and given a decent plus I will go for the Reds, they seem to have dusted off the first weeks rubbish game v Rebels and look the business. Call: Reds +7.5 at 1 unit

Keo: I disagree with the Oracle that he has lost faith in his Jaguares, the week after after they actually win. The Oracle this week is showing too much emotion (for me). He needs to be more ruthless and take his preference for teams out of it and look at form. The Reds are not good enough to win in Buenos Aires. The hosts are on a high after the demolition of the Tahs. Hosts by 12 plus.

Waratahs v Rebels -2.5

The Waratahs have not impressed me. I am bewildered the Bookies are not seeing what I am seeing? The Rebels are not being given enough respect with a plus, surely they have the wrong favourite here? This one will be my Best Bet of the Week, it is a pity I have to wait until Sunday to see it arrive? Call: Rebels +2.5 at 5 units

Keo: I am with the Oracle on this one. The Rebels (with some change). At home or away, they’re settled and in form. Rebels to win this by 10-plus.

Six Nations

Italy v Scotland +17.5

They will beat this rubbish Italian team by the minus, I am not going ballistic here. Call: Scotland -17.5 at 1 unit

Keo: Scotland by 20-plus. Italy are hopeless.

England v Ireland +1.5

I am going against Ireland again, the England plus is enough to convince me of value, this price is too hard to ignore, whilst Ireland can obviously win, I just don’t think so. Call: England +1.5 at 3 units

Keo: Ireland to win. That alone, should make you a buck or two.

Wales v France -7.5

France have done enough for me to believe they will stay inside this decent handicap of 7. Wales will be lucky to win this game on the board. Call France +7.5 at 2.5 units

Keo: The Oracle is being kind to the French. They’ve had their Saturday. They don’t give a shit about this one. Wales do. Wales by 10-plus.

Pro 14

Cardiff v Benetton -11.5 h

Edinburgh v Munster -2.5 h

Edinburgh look good for only a 2pt cap, it looks like value, Cardiff not so much, I think they will beat this Benetton team and I am of the opinion they will beat the 11pt cap, but my confidence is a lot lower than that of Edinburgh Call: Edinburgh -2.5 at 2 units & Cardiff -11.5 at 0.5 units

Keo: Whatever. None of the current international players are involved and that changes the dynamic in the latter game. It’s a lottery. Stay away.

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