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Dobson “delighted” if Fleck stays

John Dobson, replacing Robbie Fleck as Stormers head coach for 2020, has expressed that he would like for Fleck to stay on within the coaching system.

Dobson, in speaking to press on Monday, aired views that losing Fleck would be a knock to the Western Province union.

Quoted in SA Rugby Magazine, Dobson said:

“If you lose 20 years of IP (intellectual property) of knowing this region, it would be sad. If Fleckie stayed on I would be delighted because technically he is absolutely superb and he knows every inch of this union.”

“My relationship with Fleckie goes back far, so there is such a level of understanding… if he was in this building next year, I would be delighted. He has helped in Currie Cups, I have helped in Super Rugby. I would love him to stay on.”

Fleck, in response, said “I love this union. I have been working here for 20 years, 10 years as a player and 10 as a coach. My loyalty speaks for itself and that hasn’t disappeared at all.”

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